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                          Since 1990, DQE has led the way with our practical approach to emergency preparedness. Our team of safety experts is one of the best in the industry, bringing their experience, passion, and knowledge in various fields of health & safety, emergency management & response, and product & educational services design.

                          These innovative solutions, proudly made in the USA, highlight DQE’s capabilities.

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                          Guidelines for COVID-19 PPE Cleaning

                          COVID-19 PPE Cleaning and Disinfecting Resources

                          The following COVID-19 resources provide guidance on the processes for cleaning and disinfecting protective garments and PAPRs in the event that they may have been exposed to COVID-19 and to ensure proper hygiene practices between uses.
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                          Finding extra hospital capacity

                          Five Steps to Finding Extra Hospital Capacity

                          Take these five steps to free up patient capacity and move to a full 24/7 operational platform. To battle the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals and the entire healthcare system has to change its admissions procedures and move to a full capacity protocol.
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                          Guidance in Emergency Preparedness

                          Healthcare emergency preparedness services for hospitals and long term care facilities.

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